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HERITAGE SONG is exclusively Nubians consisting of high producing does having a generous amount of butterfat, long lactations, strongly attached mammary systems, and excellent dairy dispositions.  We have received the honor of ADGA BREEDLEADER 10 times. This 2014 winter sales list is updated with their show winnings, DHI records and Linear Appraisal SHeritage Songcores. These 3 ADGA performance programs show the herd's strengths and weaknesses.  Two of our does received ADGA:  ELITE DOE STATUS in 2013. The Superior Genetics awards are also listed. Testing yearly, we remain a CAE negative herd. Heritage Song is a G6S normal/ ADGA Plus herd.

All offspring are raised with pasteurized milk and by the lamb-bar system with a cocci control program. The kids will have their first vaccinations for tetanus and enterotoxemia before shipping. Kids are held to 5 weeks of age and must be picked up or shipped at that age unless other arrangements have been made. All costs of kids, shipping, crates, health certificates are the responsibility of the purchaser. Please make 2 choices, with the first choice due before the second choice. We reserve the right to choose our herd replacements.

We would like to THANK everyone who purchased animals from our herd last year and encourage them to keep in touch!


Randy & Shirley Chapman
161 Angus Road
Glasco, Kansas 67445

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