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HERITAGE-SONG is exclusive Nubians with our goals set high.  We want a herd of high production, long lactation, pre-potent, total performance animals.  We participate in DHI, Linear Appraisal, and ADGA area shows. 

These performance programs show the herd's strengths.  HERITAGE-SONG has received the honor of ADGA BREEDLEADER 10 times.  August 2015 our rolling herd average was 2487#.  This includes 3 yearling first fresheners and an aged doe on extended lactation!  In 2015 we received ADGA's Elite Status in both the doe and buck category.  SG status and show wins will also be listed.
Heritage Song
We testing yearly to remain a CAE Negative herd.  All semen offered has been tested for G6S.  We are a G6S Normal herd.

Reservations on kids is $50.00. Our kids receive CD/T and Tetanus Antitoxin during disbudding and tattooing at 10 days of age. Payment in full is due 10 days after notification of birth. If not paid the reserved kid becomes available for resale and your deposit is lost. All sales of unreserved kids are private treaty and will be negotiated when kids come available.
All cost of shipping, crates, health certificates are the responsibility of the buyer.  Kids must be picked up by 5 weeks of age. We reserve the right to choose kids for our herd strength and growth.

Your deposit will be fully refunded if kid is reserved

In 2015 we received notice of two GCH and one Res. GCH from Illinois, Kansas and Michigan. We breed for healthy, fast growing kids. THANK YOU to the new owners for providing top management for these kids to excel!
Randy & Shirley Chapman
161 Angus Road
Glasco, Kansas 67445

THANK YOU for your interest and time viewing!!!
We have great dairy herd, cow-calf herd, hay and grain crops.
THANK YOU for giving us time to reply to your requests!
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