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SG Heritage Song Purple Rain
DOB:  4/04/2017
G6s Normal
Alpha s1 Casein B/B
1-03 86(+EVE)
2-02 89(VEVE)
DHI: 03-296-2533# 4.4% bf, 3.6% protein

Sire:  +B M*L Legacy Executive Romance  90VEE  *DNA
   SS:  M*L Legacy Restless Heart  *DNA
   SD:  M*L Legacy Isabel
Dam:  SG Heritage Song Purple Haze A.I.  7*M  91VEEE  *DNA
    DS:  *B Lakeshore Korvette
    DD:  SGCH Heritage Song Golden Haze 6*M 91EEEE  *DNA  ADGA BREED LEADER, ADGA Elite

WOW I LOVE this cross!!  Rump width 34, rear udder height 34, rear udder arch 32, Legs, feet, back, rump, udder texture scored Very Good!!! Really stepped up as a first freshener in the milk pail = 2092# and Rainís baby sister (Purple Passion) won Jr. GCH at The Kansas State Fair 2019.  Such a great cross!!!!!  We bred Rain to: Redwood Hills Triple Threat.


Randy & Shirley Chapman
161 Angus Road
Glasco, Kansas 67445