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SG Heritage Song Abe's Sonnet 6*M A.I. *DNA*
DOB:  2-27-2011
Black, Silver Ears, Crown, Flags on Sides
G6s Normal
LA:  89(VEVE)
DHI:  04-309-2453# 5.1%  bf, 4.1% protein


Sire: SG ++*B Split Creek Abe At Lincoln 91EEE
SS: GCH ++B Bent Bucket CC Dutch's Chip A.I. 90EVE
SD: SGCH Split Creek Pine Land Frost D 2*M 90VEEE

Dam: SG Heritage Song Blue Northern 5*M  *DNA* 91 EEEE 6-0 639 3940#  215# BF  147# Prot
DS: SG *B Copper Hill Windwalker 90 EEV
DD: SGCH Heritage Song Margarita 4*M 92 EEEE 05 305 2264# 6.0%BF 3.6% Prot.

All those EXCELLENCE in her family tree and the top “ head” in my herd. Wide, open muzzle, powerful jaw, and gorgeous long, wide belled ears setting off that perfect roman nose!!! Sonnet draws the eye as she walks with that total balanced level topline, wedged shape body. Thou low grade infection has slowed Sonnet on her production, her daughters continue to be top producers. Sonnet is be bred to: M*L Legacy Executive Romance for 2019.

Heritage Song Abe's Sonnet AI

Sonnet's junior doe photo...

Randy & Shirley Chapman
161 Angus Road
Glasco, Kansas 67445