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SG Heritage Song Starstruck
DOB:  4/13/2017
G6s Normal
Alpha s1Casein B/B
1-03 LA: 85(VV+V)
DHI: 01-322-1675# 6.2% bf, 4.3% protein

Sire:  M*L Legacy Executive Romance
   SS:  M*L Legacy Restless Heart
  SD:  M*L Legacy Isabel
Dam:  Heritage Song Symphony A.I. 86VEVV 1-03 282 1649# 7.2% bf, 4.6% protein
   DS:  +*B Alize Kharm Personified A.I. 86 +EE
   DD:  SG Heritage Song Abe’s Sonnet 6*M A.I. 89 VEVE 4-0 309 2450# 5.1% BF 4.1% Prot.

Another yearling with that gorgeous head and that udder!  27 rump width and 36 rear udder height really sets the frame for her udder.  Very good head, rear legs, feet, back, udder texture, general appearance, dairy strength and mammary.  I am loving these Executive Romance daughters!  Star has been bred to My Enchanted Acres Kharm Charm for 2019.


Randy & Shirley Chapman
161 Angus Road
Glasco, Kansas 67445