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Heritage Song Topaz
DOB:  4/02/2018
LA:  85(+VEV)
DHI 01-300-1709# 5.3% bf, 4.3% protein


Heritage Song Tapestry
DOB:  4/02/2018
LA:  85(+VVV)
DHI 01-300-1789# 4.9% bf, 4.1% protein


Sire:  M*L Legacy Executive Romance  90VEE  *DNA
   SS:  M*L Legacy Restless Heart  *DNA
   SD:  M*L Legacy Isabel
Dam:  SGCH Heritage Song Rainbow  5*M  92EEEE  *DNA  ADGA Breed Leader, ADGA Elite
    DS:  Dan-Jud's Coconut Kid 85VVV
    DD:  SGCH Heritage Song Henrietta 4*M 91 EEEE, 2xADGA Top Ten Breed Leader,  ADGA Elite

Twin doelings – inseparable but different as night and day.  Topaz is shorter stature and resembles the M*L Legacy Romance udder/body, quiet temperament.  Tapestry is sharp, taller, leaner, different teat placement, higher strung.  The older herd queens are pretty shocked to be sharing a building with first fresheners so it is nice they have each other.  Carrie is cool – never ducks or flinches so she is tight with the queens… ah so human.  Both of these sisters are bred to Redwood Hills Triple Threat.


Randy & Shirley Chapman
161 Angus Road
Glasco, Kansas 67445