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Herd Sires
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My-Enchanted-Acres Kharm Charm
DOB: 3/2/2015
Brown with White Ears/Crown
* DNA Typed
G6S Normal Tested
Alpha s1 Casein A/B


Sire: +*B Alize Kharm Personified AI  LA: 86 +EE
SS: ++B Lassenwood Miller Ozzie  LA: 91 EEE
SD: SGCH J&R Spirit's DK Kovergirl 2*M  LA: 92EEE  Natl. Show Res GCH , DHI: 3-01 291 2900# 4.1% B.F. 3.4% Prot.

Dam: GCH My Enchanted Acres LMO Zenyata 8*M LA: 90 VEEE
DS:  ++B Lassenwood Miller Ozzie LA: 91EEE
DD: SGCH My Enchanted Acres LZZ Journey 7*M  LA: 90 VEVE

Have long admired the MY ENCHANTED ACRES herd. Really liked what Charm brought to the REGEHR'S NUBIAN herd. When Charm became available I jumped!  I appreciate the excellent shoulder assembly, back and rear legs.  Also admire the width of rump and teat placement of Charm's daughters.  Charm is an out crossing on M*L Legacy Romance.  I will be freshening these daughters in 2019.  Love the bodies.  Can hardly wait to see the total package!  Charm's daughters will be listed under first fresheners as I sort thru them in the spring, with photos and Linear Appraisal scores.


GCH My Enchanted Acres LMO Zenyata 8*M

Sire's Dam

SGCH J&R Spirit's DK Kovergirl 2*M
Natl. Show Res GCH

M*L Legacy Sweet Sensation
DOB: 4-17-2015
Brown with white markings, Black Trim
*DNA Typed
G6S Normal Tested
Alpha s1 Casein A/B


Sire: +*B Alize Executive Sweet 83+VV
SS:  *B Lakeshore Executive Decision A.I.
SD:  SGCH AZ Apache Valley Juju Bee *M 88+EVE

Dam:  SGCH J&R Spirit's Kindered Spirit 88VEVE
DS:  J&R Spirit's LFS 1Hot Tamale 88VVV
DD:  J&R Spirit's LFS Korrine 3*M 91EEEE

Was excited to purchase Sensation in April as a yearling. LOVE what Julie & Kyle Matthys are breeding. You can only imagine my happiness when Sensation’s full sister (Canoe Creek Victoria ) went GCH Nubian with first place udder in the 2016 ADGA National Show!!!  Long, level, deep body capacity, beautiful breed character and gentle disposition along with testing out perfect for our herd in G6s, Alpha 1Casein results.  We used Sensation heavily in 2016 resulting in keeping back 6 doelings. In 2017 Sensation was bred to two of our favorite Senior does as we wait for udders.



SGCH J&R Spirit's Kindered Spirit 3-04 88(VEVE)

     Full Sister


2016 ADGA National Champion and Best Udder
CH Canoe Creek Victoria


+*B Alize Executive Sweet 83(+VV)

M*L Legacy Executive Romance
DOB: 01-28-16
Red with White markings, Blk. Trim
*DNA Typed
G6S Normal Tested
Alpha s1 Casein B/B

Sire:  M*L Legacy Restless Heart
SS:  +*B Alize Executive Sweet 83 +VV
SD:  Lakeshore Ace Risqué 6*M 87 VVEV  Jr. CH 2008 National Show

Dam:  M*L Legacy Isabel
DS:  +*B Alize Executive Sweet 83 +VV
DD:  Canoe Creek Barbie

A double Executive Sweet buck, this guy is level, wide ribbed, LA: VVE88.  Looking at Alize Executive Sweet "get" the udders are soo consistent, the offspring are so similar in body type.  Romance is pretty flashy marked - taking after his sire.  Romance was used on the M*L Legacy Sweet Sensation daughters who are showing added milk.  Romance is producing high, wide udders, nice milk and beautiful teat placement.  THIS is an udder buck!!!!!  Adding him to the "Sweet Sensation" daughters brings in Alize Executive Sweet again.



M*L Legacy Isabel

Sire' s Sire & Dam's Sire

+*B Alize Executive Sweet 83 +VV

Randy & Shirley Chapman
161 Angus Road
Glasco, Kansas 67445