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Reference Does & Bucks
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SGCH Heritage Song Breakaway Barbie AI 5*M

Born: 04-02-02
Bright red, silver ears, crown and flags 
Linear: 91 EEEE
DHI 04 312  2510# 5.4% bf, 3.9% prot.

SGCH Heritage-Song Breakaway Barbie AI 5*M  SGCH Heritage-Song Breakaway Barbie AI 5*M

Sire: SGCH ++*B Copper Hill Alginons Breakaway AI ADGA Premier Sire
SS: ++*B Fra-Jac’s Lord Alginon AI 

SD: Copper Hill Winter Beauty 11*M 4-0 305 3528# 182BF, 138 Protein

Dam: SGCH Heritage Song Bliss 4*M LA 90 EVEV DHI 02 317 2683# 5.0%BF, 3.8% Prot. 
DS: SGCH ++*B Sans Souci White Lightning HES 86.75
DD: Heritage Song Bonny Blair 3*M 03 305 2940# 4.8%BF, 4.3% Prot.

A beautiful Copper Hill Breakaway daughter - Barbie has many GCH, BOB, BDIS to her name, Linear appraisal 92 EEEE in 2007, final Linear scoring for life = 91 EEEE.  Barbie was awarded ELITE doe by ADGA and All AMERICAN by INBA plus Silver Cert. in butterfat.124#, Silver Cert/ milk, butterfat & protein.

 SGCH Heritage Song Margarita 4*M

Born: 03/03/03
Silver, white ears, black trim 
LA: 92 (EEEE)
DHI: 05 305 2264# 6.0% BF, 3.6% Prot.

SGCH Heritage Song Margarita 4*M     SGCH Heritage Song Margarita 4*M

Sire: ++*B SGCH Copper Hill W.F. Papa Bear 90 EVE 
SS: ++*B Amberwood Jedi's Winter Frost 91EVE 
SD: SGCH Copper Hill Breakaway’s Bobbin 6*M   90 EEEV 1-0 359 2320# 145# BF 97# Prot.

Dam: SGCH Heritage Song Maggie 3*M 91EEEE ADGA Breedleader 3-0 355 3060# 5.5%BF 3.6% Prot. 
DS: +*B GCH Goldthwaite Black Tie Affair LA 90 
DD: Heritage Song Natty 2*M HES 70.7 " Junior Score "

Margarita is a big favorite and won her final GCH under tough out of state competition.  Her linear scoring 92 (EEEE).  She is also an ADGA SG awarded doe.   INBA awards: Bronze Cert./ milk, butterfat & protein and 2nd place/ butterfat 116#  

SGCH Heritage Song Henrietta 4*M
DOB:  2-4-2004
Red with Silver Crown, Freckled Ears & Black Trim
LA:  91(EEEE) Excellent
DHI:  3-02 305 2794#  6.1% BF  4.2% Prot.
2013 ADGA Elite Doe

SGCH Heritage Song Henrietta 4*M  SGCH Heritage Song Henrietta 4*M

Sire: +*B Copper Hill Brkaway’s Bentwood 90 (VEE) 
SS: SGCH ++*B Copper Hill Alginons Breakaway AI 93 (EEE) Premier Sire x 2 
SD: SG Copper Hill Abe’s Ballad 7*M 87 (VEE+) 1-11 305 2975# 4.8% BF 3.7% Prot.

Dam: SGCH Heritage Song Sweet Harvest 3*M ADGA Breedleader 9-11 331 3158# 5.5%bf 4.3%prot
DS: SGCH +*B Sweet Harvest Yankee Du-All   HES 90.45 EX 
DD: Heritage Song Kisha 2*M 4xADGA Breedleader 6-0 286 3466# 4.9%bf 4.3% prot.

Henrietta = INBA Awards: Gold Cert./butterfat, Silver Cert./protein, Bronze Cert./milk 2,773#  Henrietta easily won her GCH title plus ADGA Superior Genetics.  Her top Linear score tells the story 92(EEEE) - dropping at age 7 to 91(EEEE) Henrietta is a 3rd generation ADGA Breed Leader (2007)  I love a doe that milks!!  I have bred Henrietta to RAMBLER but she continues to cycle (will be 10 yrs old).  We will just enjoy her presence in our herd - no reservations.

SG Heritage Song Blue Northern 5*M
DOB:  3-10-2008
Blue Roan, Silver Ears & Crown, Black Trim
LA:  91(EEEE) Excellent
DNA tested
DHI:  03 339 2311#  4.8% BF  3.4% Prot
(extended lactation)

Heritage Song Blue Northern    Heritage Song Blue Northern

Sire: *B Copper Hill Windwalker  LA 90 EEV
SS: ++*B SGCH Copper Hill W.F. Papa Bear  LA 90 EVE
SD: SGCH Copper Hill Abe's Wendy 8*M  LA 91 EVEE 91  3-11 305 3050# 4.4%BF 3.5% Prot.

Dam: SGCH Heritage Song Margarita 4*M   91 EEEE   05 305 2264# 6..0%BF 3.6% Prot.
DS: ++*B SGCH Copper Hill W.F. Papa Bear  LA  90 EVE
DD:  SGCH Heritage Song Maggie 3*M  91 EEEE  ADGA Breedleader  3-10 353 3060# 5.5% BF 3.4% Protein

A very correct, pre-potent doe with wide belled ears, beautiful Nubian head…and that udder!!!! Blue was awarded ADGA’s SG status. This doe is getting better as she matures!  Her kids are easily excelling in the milk pail and in the show ring. Blue again takes 1st in her age group = 4 X in 2014 – only to again get beat out by daughter GOLDEN HAZE. Blue did receive Res. GCH!! Note her Linear scoring 91 Excellent EEEE – excelling in general appearance, dairy character, body capacity and mammary! Blue continues to be our December milker... "consistency".

SGCH Heritage Song Golden Haze 6*M  *DNA*
DOB:  3-10-2010
Red with Silver Ears, Crown, Muzzle, Flag & Black Trim
LA:  91(EEEE) Excellent
DHI:  05-290-3113# 4.4% bf, 4.1% protein
2013, 2014 & 2015 ADGA Elite Doe
2016 ADGA Top Ten


Sire: SG Loveland FT Rambler *DNA* 91 EEE
SS: SGCH +*B Lakeshore Full Throttle A.I. 89 VEV
SD: SG Heritage Song Bliss Doubletake*DNA* 90 EEEV

Dam: SG Heritage Song Blue Northern 5*M *DNA*  91 EEEE  6-0 639 3940#  215 BF  147 Prot
DS: SG *B Copper Hill Windwalker 90 EEV
DD: SGCH Heritage Song Margarita 4*M 92 EEEE

Golden Haze has been my "performance" doe for the past 3 yrs. Size, levelness, width across rump, excellent front and back legs plus feet. You have to have excellent feet for that size of doe. Note the many EXCELLENCE on linear appraisal in Golden's family tree!! The appraiser praised her udder balance 1/3 in front - 1/3 in back as did the judges who placed Golden Haze. Golden Haze also milks! She continues to milk 3,000# plus. Showing does not slow this doe's production down = longevity! This is an ADGA 4th yr in a row ELITE doe!!! GCH 2X, BUOB 3X, in 2013. Goldie won GCH, BUOB, BOB 3X and won BUIS 1X 2015.

SGCH Heritage Song Rainbow 5*M
Cream with tan markings, silver ears & spots
DOB:  3-21-2013
G6s Normal
Alpha S1 Casein B/B
          LA:  91(EEEE)
5-04 92(EEEE)
6-03 92(EEEE)
DHI 03-396-3244# 5.9%  bf, 4.6% protein


Sire: Dan-Jud's Coconut Kid 85 VVV
SS: Swan Creek Ambassador's Samuel
SD: CH R5 Clan Little Crème Puff 89 VVEE

Dam: SGCH Heritage Song Henrietta 4*M 91 EEEE, 1xADGA Top Ten Breed Leader,  ADGA Elite
DS: +*B Copper Hill Breakaway's Bentwood 90 VEE
DD: SGCH Heritage Song Sweet Harvest 3*M 87 VEE+,  2x ADGA Top Ten Breed Leader

Rainbow comes from such a powerful dam line!!  Both her dam AND grand dam received ADGA’s Top Ten Breed leader awards with Henrietta also going ADGA Elite!!  TOTAL PERFORMANCE in all 3 categories Rainbow continues to hold her ADGA Elite award in 2022.  INBA presented Rainbow the bronze certificate for top butterfat and protein along with the Lifetime Award producing 18,276# milk, 6.2% Butterfat 1140#, and 4.7% Protein 868#.

Rainbow's junior doe photo...

SG Loveland FT Rambler
DOB:  3-30-09
Red with Silver Ears, Crown, Black Trim
Linear: 91(EEE) Excellent
G6s Normal
DNA tested
2015 ADGA Elite Status

Sire: GCH +*B Lakeshore Full Throttle A.I. LA: 89 EVE
SS: SG ++*B Kastdemur’s LH Full Service 91 EEE
SD: SG Lakeshore Farms RCS Shasta l*M LA: 90 EVVE

Dam: SG Heritage Song Bliss Doubletake A.I .LA: 90 EEEV
DS: SGCH ++*B Copper Hill Alginon’s Breakaway A.I. LA 93 EEE 2 X ADGA Premier Sire
DD: SGCH Heritage Song Bliss 4*M LA: 90 EVEV

Rambler was a result of a request breeding and what a buck! Tall, sharp, excelling in dairyness, short, wide rump and correct feet and legs. “Note Linear scoring” plus INBA All American winner. Rambler is out of our favorite doe line (Barbie = reference doe). For all you line breeders. Rambler’s sire is full brother to SGCH ++*B Lakeshore Farms Full Force = the sire to SGCH *B Iron-Owl Blue Beard.  Golden Haze is Rambler’s milking daughter.  5XGCH, 5XBOB and 4X BUOB and 90VEEE Linear Scoring. Rambler seems to be adding milk. Golden Haze for the past 2 yrs DHI is pressing 3000#. His kids have such growth - Wind Swept at 7 months - weighing in at 115#. We have used him heavily this 2014 year and are also freshening all his doelings. Time to put this gentle giant to the test via DHI, Linear and ADGA showing.  Rambler has been collected by Frozen Assets and if the numbers are high his semen will be made available.  Rambler is a G6s Normal buck so no worries!

+B M*L Legacy Executive Romance
DOB: 01-28-16
Red with White markings, Blk. Trim
*DNA Typed
G6S Normal Tested
Alpha s1 Casein B/B
LA: 88(VVE)
3-05 90(VEE)

Sire:  M*L Legacy Restless Heart
SS:  +*B Alize Executive Sweet 83 +VV
SD:  Lakeshore Ace Risqué 6*M 87 VVEV  Jr. CH 2008 National Show

Dam:  M*L Legacy Isabel
DS:  +*B Alize Executive Sweet 83 +VV
DD:  Canoe Creek Barbie

A double bred Alize Executive Sweet buck, this guy is level over the top, wide flat ribbing, and gentle.  LA 90VEE !!  His sire threw consistently nice udders and body style.  Romance is taking after his sire with high wide udder placement, nice milk, and pretty breed character.  This is an udder buck !  Romance is crossing well with my Copper-Hill and Redwood Hill lines.  His breed character and gentle nature is just another plus!!  My animals are big!



M*L Legacy Isabel


M*L Legacy Restless Heart

Sire' s Sire & Dam's Sire

+*B Alize Executive Sweet 83 +VV

+B Redwood Hills Triple Threat
DOB: 9-19-2016
Red with white ears, flag on side
DNA typed
G6s Normal tested
Alpha s1, Casein A/B

Sire:  +*B Wingwood Farm TL Atlas *DNA ADGA Elite
SS:  +*B Wingwood AMI Tupelo *DNA ADGA Elite
SD:  SGCH Wingwood Farm Tim's Althea *M  91EEEE

Dam:  Redwood Hills True Twinkle 9*M  90VVEE  01-472-3010# 3.8% bf, 3.6% prot.
DS:  +*B Wingwood Farm Lucky True Blue *DNA
DD:  SGCH Redwood Hills MC Talasi 8*M  02-330-2970# 4.3% bf, 3.7% prot.

Long, lean neck blending smoothly into the shoulders.  Clean throat and brisket with adequate width of chest to support the lungs and heart maintenance on this tall, level top lined buck.  "Timmy" came to us a favored pet now a 225# mischievous male who keeps me on me toes!  I LOVE his pedigree and kids he has sired.  Timmy is being bred to Romance daughters - adding more sharpness and his amazing length, height and forever dairy neck.


Redwood Hills True Twinkle 9*M

Dam's Dam

SGCH Redwood Hills MC Talasi 8*M

Sire's Dam

SGCH Wingwood Farm Tim's Althea *M

Randy & Shirley Chapman
161 Angus Road
Glasco, Kansas 67445