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SGCH Heritage Song Rainbow 5*M
Cream with tan markings, silver ears & spots
DOB:  3-21-2013
G6s Normal
Alpha S1 Casein B/B
          LA:  91(EEEE)
5-04 92(EEEE)
6-03 92(EEEE)
DHI 03-396-3244# 5.9%  bf, 4.6% protein


Sire: Dan-Jud's Coconut Kid 85 VVV
SS: Swan Creek Ambassador's Samuel
SD: CH R5 Clan Little Crème Puff 89 VVEE

Dam: SGCH Heritage Song Henrietta 4*M 91 EEEE, 1xADGA Top Ten Breed Leader,  ADGA Elite
DS: +*B Copper Hill Breakaway's Bentwood 90 VEE
DD: SGCH Heritage Song Sweet Harvest 3*M 87 VEE+,  2x ADGA Top Ten Breed Leader

Rainbow comes from such a powerful dam line!!  Both her dam AND grand dam received ADGA’s Top Ten Breed leader awards with Henrietta also going ADGA Elite!!  TOTAL PERFORMANCE in all 3 categories Rainbow continues to hold her ADGA Elite award in 2022.  INBA presented Rainbow the bronze certificate for top butterfat and protein along with the Lifetime Award producing 18,276# milk, 6.2% Butterfat 1140#, and 4.7% Protein 868#

Rainbow's junior doe photo...

Randy & Shirley Chapman
161 Angus Road
Glasco, Kansas 67445