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Heritage Song Tiffany 1*M
DOB:  3/24/2020
Red roan, silver ears & crown, flags, black trim
G6s N/N
Alpha s1 Casein: B/B
 01-293-2019# 5.8% BF, 4.0 Protein
02-312-2018# 6.3% BF, 4.8% Protein

Yearling 1st Freshener


Sire:  *B Redwood Hills Triple Threat *DNA 89 VEE
   SS:  SG +*B Wingwood Farm TL Atlas *DNA  ELITE
   SD:  Redwood Hills True Twinkle 9*M  90 VVEE

Dam:  Heritage Song Tapestry  85 +VEE
+B M*L Legacy Executive Romance  90VEE  *DNA
    DD:  SGCH Heritage Song Rainbow 5*M 92 EEEE  ADGA TOP TEN, ELITE

Tall, long, balanced, and yes, my favorite.  Took Tiffany to our ADGA Kansas Show and entered in both rings.  She came away with 2 = 1st placings.  INBA awarded Tiffney with Bronze Certificate for high Butterfat and Protein. Tiffany went ADGA ELITE - not surprising with pre-potent Grandam - Rainbow in her linage. Tiffany is bred to: our Jr. Herd Sire: Stevens Creek WarCry for an April freshening.


Randy & Shirley Chapman
161 Angus Road
Glasco, Kansas 67445