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SGCH Heritage Song Whirlwind *M
DOB:  4-4-2015
G6s Normal
Alpha s1Casein A/B
3-03 90(VVEE)
4-02 91(VEEE)
Red Roan, Silver Ears & Black Trim
DHI: 03-299-2327# 4.8% bf 3.9% protein


Sire: *B My Enchanted Acres WizardOfOz
SS: ++B Lassenwood Miller Ozzie  LA: 91 EEE  *DNA
SD: SGCH My Enchanted Acres Ariel 6*M  LA: 90 VEEE

Dam: Heritage-Song Windswept  2 X ADGA ELITE Doe
DS: SG Loveland FT Rambler  LA: 91 EEE ADGA Elite Sire
DD: SG Heritage-Song Abe's Wendy 6*M LA: 87 VEVV  *DNA

Whirlwind received her milking star in a one day test milking 14.5# with 4.1% BF for a total of 26.9 points. She easily won her final leg as a 2 year old. Whirlwind went Linear Excellent and was awarded her Superior Genetics Award. Whirlwind brings a long, level top line, width of rump, body capacity and of course that excellent rated udder. Whirlwind also brings top Quality Kids who really milk!  We A.I.d this tall, stately doe to : Copper-Hill Breakaways Sonset for a March kidding.


Randy & Shirley Chapman
161 Angus Road
Glasco, Kansas 67445