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Heritage Song Woodstock 2*M
DOB:  3/27/2019
G6s = N/N
Alpha S1 Casein = A/B
LA:  90 EEEE
DHI: 02-283-2523# 3.9% bf, 3.5% protein


Sire:  *B Heritage Song Rocketeer A.I.
   SS:  SGCH +*B Blissberry MW Rocketeer 91EEE, *DNA
   SD:  SG Heritage Song Purple Haze A.I. 7*M  91VEEE, *DNA
Dam:  SGCH Heritage Song Whirlwind *M  91 VEEE  *DNA
    DS:  *B My Enchanted Acres WizardOfOz
    DD:  Heritage Song Windswept  ADGA Elite Doe

Long bodied, milky doe, Woodstock continues to fill out her frame and fill the pail.  She had stunning triplet doelings out of Romance in 2020.  We took Woodstock to her first show and off farm adventure.  She placed 2nd in a large lineup!  INBA presented her with the Linear Excellent Certificate (90EEEE) and the Bronze Certificate for Milk, Butterfat, Protein in 2500# plus production. We repeated the breeding to our Senior Herd Sire: M*L Legacy Executive Romance as these kids are stunning !!!!


Randy & Shirley Chapman
161 Angus Road
Glasco, Kansas 67445